Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Four Seasons Coming Along Swimmingly

They say no news is good news and everything seems to be proceeding swimmingly at the construction site. Government is replacing a bridge in the area (pictured above) which has developed cracks but no one is suggesting that the heavy equipment and pounding at Four Seasons had/has anything to do with it. Cinnamon88, the company behind the project, may be facing new challenges in Grenada with the sister project there with the recent coming to power of a new government there pledging to review the controversial Mt. Hartman declassification as a national park to build a sprawling Four Seasons resort that would destroy the last remaining natural habitat of the national bird - the Grenada Dove. No such hiccups exist at the much smaller Barbados project of just 32 acres of Platinum Coast beachfront. The biggest issue still remains the labour crunch in Barbados but Four Seasons appears to have successfully cleared that hurdle last year with an understanding with the labour unions and government. “With a bit of luck,” to borrow a phase from one of Cinnamon88’s principals - Michael Pemberton, all is looking set for a late 2009 or early 2010 opening for the 106-room hotel (paired down from the original 125), 36 villas (pared down from the original 80), and 40,000 sq. ft spa (the exact equal of Sandy Lane’s) resort.


  1. Why are we paying for this new footpath. The contractor should do it as outlined in his planning concent. Who has been paid off in the government this time ?

  2. Has the contracotr got permision for the work in the gulley ? NO....Will the coastal depatment do anything ? NO....Why ????


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