Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apes Hill Club In Hot Water Again

We all saw this coming.  How did the Apes Hill Club miss it?  It all stems from the continuing secrecy and deliberate attempts to keep the public uninformed over the true nature and scope of the Apes Hill project in the heart of the Apes Hill, Water Hall and Orange Hill communities.   Of course, I am referring to the battle of words which erupted in the local media last weekend over the water situation at Apes Hill and surrounding areas.  I am sorry but rehashing all the wonderful things you are doing for Barbados does not cut it when you can’t flush your toilet for lack of water, but when you look through your window you see hundreds of acres of grass being artificially watered.

Ms. Roach was correct in pointing to the lack of community involvement on the part of the developers as the true cause of the bad feelings on the part of residents.  This blogger was attacked for stating just that last year by a nitpicking Apes Hill Club enthusiast.  What is so hard about Apes Hill Club sitting down with the people in the local area even at this late stage of the game to discuss what will impact the lives of residents in the area for generations to come?  Blurbs in the media from time to time mainly intended to drum up sales for the mcmansions under construction are not enough.  This blogger is not a prophet nor the son of one but there is more trouble coming down the pike when the Apes Hill Beach Club clashes with the people of Speightstown over the little beach at Goddings Bay. 

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  1. whoever wrote this comment has no idea as all the water used for irrigation at Apes Hill Club is from rain water! Get your facts right first before writing such rubbish!

  2. Oh, I think I get it now, once it isn't some dopey sales spiel on Apes Hill name-dropping every celebrity from Prince Charles and Prince William to Rihanna it's "rubbish," right?


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