Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oops! It Happened Again...

With the news still dominated by Obama, except you live or were vacationing on the west coast you would have probably missed the news that dinner was again a little different on Tuesday night this week thanks again to the National Petroleum Corporation. Once more in less than two weeks homes and businesses (re: restaurants, etc.) found themselves without the essential cooking utility - natural gas. No word yet on what caused this latest outage (probably again the re-construction work going on around the Lazareto area) which lasted several hours from early afternoon to well into the night. Restaurants up and down west coast were forced to close for dinner including The Cliff in Derricks, St. James and East Moon in Road View, St. Peter. Hotels were also forced to breakout salads to try to feed their hungry and bewildered guests - not to mention the chaos it caused in many homes.

We can understand this sort of thing happening once in a blue moon but twice in two weeks clearly tells us that we have a major problem on our hands. And, that major problem probably is that the runaway wild development on the west coast has outstripped the country's ability to provide basic services. Water shortages and outages have become so intolerable that as was the case recently at Apes Hill one developer found himself the target of an attack in the local media. There is now a month-long wait for telephone service and a two-month wait for DSL service from the main communications provider; and the list of headaches continues. Meanwhile we await the new government's "Tourism Master Plan."

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