Sunday, November 2, 2008

Times Online Calls Four Seasons A Private Beach

Do they know something we don't know?  Is it just bad journalism?  Is it desparate salesmen overreaching again?  You would think that by now the whole world knows that there are no private beaches in Barbados but yet again authorities in Barbados will be doing local damage control now that another major journal has reopened the can of worms beach access has become in Barbados.  The fact of the matter is if you are paying 10 million dollars for a beachfront villa you really don't want to be seeing any Tom, Dick or Harry on the beach in front of your palace from your pool deck.  So Barbados finds itself trapped in a corner by the mad dog it has been feeding for the last few decades - selling its soul to become a "high end," "world class" destination for the "uber-rich."

Click here for Times Online article. 


  1. As predicted yesterday - the damage control has started to kick in -

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