Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is Four Seasons Barbados Dead?

The answer to the above question is still on the minds many people both in and out of Barbados.  If you listen to the chatter coming out of the Government of Barbados, no one there really knows.  The Prime Minister promised that the project was going to restart in a week but a whole month has gone by and there is still no signs of like on the old Paradise Beach Club site.  If you read what the Minister of Tourism said yesterday as reported by The Barbados Advocate today , it looks like the project is in "limbo."  From the little this blogger knows of Catholic theology you must first be dead to get into limbo.  So, it looks like the project may be dead but people are fearful of saying so.  All government is saying is that they are prepared to "facilitate," which, to this blogger at least, sounds like something an undertaker does.


  1. Update:

    Written by STARCOM Network News
    Friday, 05 June 2009

    Chief Executive Officer at Cinnamon 88, Michael Pemberton says construction on the Four Seasons development at Paradise Beach is expected to restart within the next 60 to 90 days.

    Mr. Pemberton says the company has partnered with Maybach Corporation to provide financing for the project.

    Cinnamon 88 halted construction in February due to financial difficulties.

  2. Pemberton you greedy fool!

  3. Does anyone knows if construction has re-started at the Fourseason. Who are the contractors on site?

  4. Am i correct in thinking that Cinnamon88 have been removed from the project by the new investor?
    Who then are the new contractor and is there a restart date for construction ?

  5. Update:

    "GOVERNMENT IS COURTING an international private sector group for the completion of the stalled Four Seasons hotel project.

    Tourism Minister Richard Sealy told the SATURDAY SUN "we are hopeful that we will have a private sector solution to that situation soon. Government is doing all it can to support that and we look forward to having that come on stream..." - more -

  6. Earlier this month reported: "As for the Four Seasons development project which came to an abrupt standstill several months ago, Sealy explained that a group of well-connected Canadian investors with "resort interests in other parts of the world, including with Four Seasons" had "moved in and was extremely keen."

    After the necessary "due diligence" the Canadians may soon kick-start the project before the end of the year or early in 2010." - more -

    The Canadian company is said to be the Maybach Corporation.

  7. "Barbados counts cost of credit crunch

    Villas of Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber among those PM tries to save on island reliant on UK tourists

    * Robert Booth in Barbados
    *, Sunday 6 December 2009 22.06 GMT

    It was planned as the most lavish millionaire's hideaway yet on a Caribbean island already crammed with spectacular beach-front mansions.

    The offer of a palatial residence in the Four Seasons complex in Barbados, overlooking white coral sands, presented a rare chance for music moguls turned reality TV stars Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber to gain a toehold on the island's exclusive "platinum coast", where Tony Blair, retail tycoon Sir Philip Green and film director Michael Winner regularly holiday in a climate that is 28C (82F) and sunny almost all year round.

    They are among several investors who have paid deposits on villas in the development, which cost up to $30m (£18m) each. The plans showed the best properties would come with an infinity pool on the terrace, a cinema, gym and even a wine cellar to keep the finest bottles cool in the tropical heat. A neighbouring Four Seasons hotel would provide room service and access to butlers, housekeepers, chefs, waiters, gardeners and night watchmen for an extra cost.

    But that pampered dream, offered by established British developer and hotelier Mike Pemberton and his business partner Robin Paterson, does not look likely to be fulfilled in the near future. Construction on the project stopped at the height of the credit crunch in February, leaving a trail of creditors and hundreds of Chinese labourers unemployed..." - more ->

  8. I spoke to someone from corporate office in Canada that construction is going to start back up in June of 2010.


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