Monday, July 6, 2009

Secret Caribbean's Barbados Coverage Disappointing

"I found Trevor McDonald's portrayal of Barbados so dissapointing and was left wondering what impression it gave to anyone who has not been lucky enough to visit...probably that it is an overdeveloped playground for the uber rich only.Most of the programme was spent discussing Sandy Lane and Port St Charles and the high end developments, no mention of the ordinary people who for me make the island so special, neither did it show any of the beautiful scenery that we are all so familiar with, there was a 10 second snapshot of the coastal highway and that was it! What a shame it did not examine the fascinating contrasts between North, South, East & West and some of the islands history and rich culture instead..."  robiv

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  2. From watching this crap, my impression is that only white people live in the Caribbean. Jamaica had only violence and ghetto. Shameful. This crap need to stop. This is just not right. This guy Sir Trevor should hang his head in shame.


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