Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Apes Hill Grinds To A Halt

Like the old 17th century sugarcane windmill which still adorns the property, work on the billion dollar luxury residential golf and polo resort at Apes Hill has ground to a halt.  In its heyday its principal developer used to boast that business was so good that he had "nothing to sell."  However, he is now lamenting about the fruitlessness of his sales trips to London and that sales have "slowed right down to a stop."  The same economic storm that shuttered other tourism-related condo and villa projects up and down the west coast, including the Four Seasons at Black Rock and Banyan Tree at Black Bess, has now also reached even Apes Hill which (because of its partnership with deep-pocketed interests in the USA and Britain and its appeal to the wealthy high end) was once thought of as being immune to the vicissitudes of the real estate market.
Sandy Lane pulled out early in the rush to build more and more luxury villas on, near or overlooking the booming "Platinum Coast," but up until very recently, Sir Charles Williams (the principal developer at Apes Hill) together with Michael Pemberton of Four Seasons and John Morphet of Royal Westmoreland were all still celebrating the seemingly insatiable demand for a piece of Barbados coming from primarily the British nouveux riche and trust fund types, now all of a sudden that market has disappeared.  One now has to wonder whether the plans recently announced to begin construction of a new marina near Six Mens next month isn't simply just more singing in the dark also.


  1. "One of Barbados' leading businessman, Sir Charles Williams wants everything done to encourage more investment in this island.

    His comments come in the wake of his construction company, C.O Williams Construction laying off just under a fifth of its workforce of 500 workers.

    Sir Charles says to secure its place in this world Barbados must earn foreign exchange, something which is proving very difficult at this time.

    "I don't think a lot of people realise, unless they read the pronouncement of Dr. Marion Williams, and study it, that a hundred million dollars in foreign exchange disappearing is because nobody is bringing money into Barbados, and there is no development going.
    "You have got somehow, somewhere, they have to encourage investment in this country to bring in foreign exchange which leads to employment, which leads to betterment of the whole population.""


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  3. Gee, thanks Ted! It's nice to know that another aggregator is picking up this blog.


    Having read a recent Blog entitled "Apes Hill Grinds to a Halt", I decided to visit the higly-acclaimed Development to determine if this could possibly be an accurate statement .

    The sense of arrival as I approached the Property was embraced with generous and well-maintained landscaping , a glimpse of several golf holes as I noticed a number of employees performing various tasks on the green carpet of turf ,the entry drive pulled me further into the property as freshly - painted directional signage led me to the Sales Office . As I approached the Sales Office , my vista disclosed significantly more activity , workers everywhere . I began to question the definition of the word HALT , because what I witnessed was action and a committment to do things right . So I thought , well , if Apes Hill had reached such a position to "HALT" , then surely the Sales / Admin Office would be closed . Quite the contrary , I arrived in the parking area , found the last space available as the lot was nearly full. Were these employees or customers , either way there was activity . Entering the Sales Office , I was greeted by bright eyed smiling receptionists who made me feel welcome immediately . There was no expression of discomfort or uneasiness that would relate to a business that was going to "Halt".
    I waited my turn to speak with a Sales Agent as both were with someone at the time . Once available , I was introduced to one of the two Sales Reps . Now the facts would be disclosed .
    The Agent was kind , courteous and professional and expressed a view of optimisim .
    The Agent insisted that I be given a 30 minute tour as I disclosed this was my first visit .
    We did , from the various parcels of land , to the beautifully furnished Villas , to a brief tour of the just completed golf course , let me tell everyone who reads this West Coast Blog ...


    There was action everywhere , I asked and was told that there were over 100 employees on site that day . Equipment was in motion , landscape , turfgrass , a committment to quality was evident in every component .


    The tour was fantastic, it was convincing , it made me feel proud that such a quality Development was in Barbados .

    Based on my recent visit and experience , I submit that the title
    "Apes Hill Grinds to a Halt" to be


  5. Whereas we are happy to learn that there is still some life at Apes Hill (after all Bajans are taking home paychecks), we stand by our use of the word "halt." Please note that we were only borrowing it, as indicated in the above post, from that fountain of all truth in Barbados - the government owned CBC TV. Here again is how they reported it on August 11, 2009:

    "Meanwhile work at the multi-million tourism project at Apes Hill has almost come to a halt.

    Confirmation of this from owner Sir Charles who says he's travelled to London five times in the last three months to try and whip up interest in the project.

    But he says while people are making inquiries they are keeping their wallets shut.

    He says phase three has been put on hold as sales have "Slowed right down to a stop.""

    Your quarrel should be with the Government of Barbados or at least its mouthpiece - CBC TV.


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