Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Simon Cowell's £15m nightmare in paradise ..."

"At the moment, it certainly doesn't look like paradise. Known locally as Black Rock, it remains a spread of rubble and weed, with unfinished roofs and unglazed windows. Hummingbirds, doves, bats and lizards enjoy it for now.
Still, Cowell wishes he was there. This was to be the year when he laid claim to his own home on Barbados - complete with an infinity pool, his own butler, housekeeper, gardener, chef and maids.
He had put down £15million - all in cash, as Cowell makes a point of never taking out a mortgage or any other loan.
The question now is, will he ever see that money again - or receive the keys to what he had hoped would be the finest holiday home money could buy?"

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