Friday, January 22, 2010

Call it a bailout, Caribbean style: The Wall Street Journal Examines Four Seasons Barbados

"Call it a bailout, Caribbean style.
Barbados, a popular vacation spot for the affluent, is bailing out the troubled Four Seasons luxury-resort development on the tiny island. Construction of the project stalled a year ago as financing dried up and sales of its private villas slowed, after initially attracting a cast of celebrity buyers.
In a bid to salvage jobs, the government of Barbados agreed last month to guarantee a $60 million loan from a Caribbean bank to help restart construction. In return for the guarantee, the government ultimately will end up with a 20% equity stake in the project..."

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  1. I hate tourist that kept on trashing beautiful place like Barbados, they just don't care about this beautiful place. It's a paradise and it hurt my feelings to see people trashing this great place.

  2. Skittishness and confusion setting in over Four Seasons projects in Barbados and Grenada. Barbados Government hesitating on loan agreements. Four Seasons could be ready to pull flag.


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