Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Limegrove Comes Under Heavy Environmental And Ecological Criticism

Limegrove under construction on the mangrove swamp in Holetown

Limegrove, the upmarket shopping, entertainment and residential development in the heart of Holetown has come under heavy environmental and ecological criticism from a professor of Marine Ecology and Fisheries at the local branch of the University of The West Indies. Professor Hazel Oxenford described Limegrove and another big tourism development in the works for another mangrove swamp site on the south coast of the island as having "the potential to devastate Barbados' already struggling coral reef population." She explained that mangroves protect coral reefs by holding back,slowing down and absorbing rainfall runoff which unchecked destroys coral reefs and animal life which live on them.

She did not mince words when she zeroed in on Limegrove: "You see in Holetown right now that ridiculous building complex which is going up right in the swamp. What is it going to do? They are turning [the swamp] into concrete to make the water run off fast, really fast water takes with it soil, garbage, anything. Say 'no' to that kind of building."

In the above photosynth you can see on the landside of the bridge where they have built a new concrete canal to channel the water through the swamp area. Recently in the local media the developer was boasting that with the new canals together with the new catchment pond miles inland at Farmers in St. Thomas built to facilitate irrigation of the new golf course at Apes Hill, they have finally solved the flooding problem in Holetown. Professor Oxenford and others believe such thinking is shortsighted, for with the reefs gone the coastline is more exposed to storms and erosion. And, with the beaches gone, so will the tourists, supposedly for whom these monstrosities are being conceived.

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