Friday, July 23, 2010

Michael Winner Disses Four Seasons ... Again

"The dream of celebrities owning a villa facing a sandy beach in Barbados, adjacent to, and serviced by, a Four Seasons hotel, turned from idyll to nightmare as a bizarre saga unfolded.
It started in March 2005, when the Sandals hotel company announced it was selling Clearwater Bay, near the island’s capital Bridgetown, to a group of international investors headed by local hotelier Michael Pemberton and Robin Paterson, a London estate agent. Pemberton, an audacious if not always successful entrepreneur, was photographed looking at plans of the area and trumpeting the advantages of snapping up sites priced from $10 million to $20 million. As I sunned myself at the nearby Sandy Lane hotel, expectations reached fever pitch. Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd-Webber bought two plots. Eddie Jordan, Lucien Grainge, head of Universal Music, and other luminaries joined Pemberton’s Valhalla..."

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  1. Avinash Persaud Responds to Michael Winner:

    "Professor Avinash Persaud, Executive Chairman of Paradise Beach Ltd, the body representing stakeholders involved in the project, however dismissed Winner’s comments calling him a “gossip” and saying “he has a long history of trying to undermine Four Seasons Barbados Residences and Resort by peddling old stories”.

    Persaud noted: “Although he views himself as special, he has no special information about the project. His bone of contention is that Paradise Beach, like every other in Barbados, is public. I am proud that it is so. Someone needs to tell him that Barbadians are proud people and that trying to undermine our country and one of its finest beaches for his own private titillation is not a game we play.”"


  2. St George's DragonJuly 29, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    Michael Winner has stayed at Sandy Lane hotel for years.

    I guess the management and owners there can't be over the moon at the prospect of a Four Seasons opening in Barbados.

    Do I detect some degree of bias here?


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