Monday, August 22, 2011

Barbados without the bling

"We planned a two-week break, half spent with our extended family in a self-catering property and the other in a hotel. My first key observation on arrival was accompanied by a sigh of relief: no sign of Winner or Cowell! And I soon made a second and equally pleasing observation, which was that Barbados has many unexpected delights, including great restaurants providing excellent food. The week with our extended family was spent at a fabulous rented house called Crystal Springs to the north of Sandy Lane on the island's lively west coast. It is close to Sir Cliff Richard's villa, famously lent in the past to Tony Blair and his family as a holiday home.  

We had a motor boat as part of the deal and the driver was very keen to point out celebrity homes in the area: 'Over there is Sir Cliff's house, this is where Cilla Black lives ...'"

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