Saturday, September 10, 2011

Four Seasons Barbados Update: Boondoggle and millstone around the necks of Bajan taxpayers?

Despite government's pledges and promises otherwise, the stalled Four Seasons project in Walmer Lodge/Black Rock is turning out to be a bigger and bigger millstone around the necks of the taxpayers of Barbados.  Word is now coming to light of yet another loan poor Third World people will have to payback in order for a few of the uber-rich/super-cool from the First World to have a place in the sun.  This is going to play so well at election time especially now that it is becoming clearer and clearer that there will still be nothing to show for all the time and money sunk in Clearwater Bay so far.

 "It will take more than the next winter, spring, summer, and fall to finally get one of the biggest brands in international tourism and hospitality on the Barbados landscape – and the price tag will be big.
According to Barbados TODAY investigations, the developers of the mega Four Seasons Resort and Private Residences have applied for a BDS $104 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to complete the hotel component of the slow-moving project, as efforts to restart overall construction intensify ..."  

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  3. "Although Dr Persaud may be making all the right business decisions, as he sees it, the reality is that we have a government that is crippled by its own economic and cultural illiteracy.

    A government that is prepared to plough Bds$120m in to the carbuncle that is Four Seasons, then is prepared to consider a further $80m, this time through what is surely an improper use of the national insurance scheme assets, yet is prepared to fly an entourage, made up largely of bureaucrats, 10000 miles away to China to beg for a paltry $6m to build a cultural centre..."

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