Monday, October 28, 2013

Just when we were beginning to think the ABV miasma couldn't get any worse, it just did ...

Rump Almond


Before Sandals takes one step into St Peter, Barbados will get another taste of Almond.

Well placed sources have revealed that the Ministry of Tourism has selected MW Sun Hotels Inc., owned by wealthy businessman Bernard Weatherhead, to reopen and operate the now mothballed Almond Beach Village at Heywoods, St Peter, for at least one year.

In fact, in correspondence obtained by the SUNDAY SUN, Weatherhead explained to chief executive officer of Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTI), Stuart Layne, that with an injection of $5.1 million from Government and speedy movement by Government’s operatives, they could have 138 rooms and related facilities ready to receive guests in mid January, missing only the first few weeks of the 2013-2015 winter tourist season. BTI is looking after Government’s interest at Almond Resorts.

Government is anxious to get the once popular 500-room all-inclusive resort reopened again, but recognize that even with the agreement with Sandals of Jamaica to take over the property, bulldoze and rebuild it as a family resort, its doors will not be thrown open until 24 to 36 months after construction begins – and the date for that could be as much as two years away, sources said."


As Alice said, "this gets curiouser and curiouser"

The Mad Hatter, apparently, is in charge of plan A; plan B, and also plan "maybe". What a fantastic "mortar"...replete with two pestles, and endless of "possibilities" therein!

We could of course, retain the Almond at ground level, and then build the Sandals, on level two...with a lovely view. On the roof-top, a heliport would allow for Virgin Atlantic passengers, to be swiftly ferried to and from GAIA...a first in the Caribbean! To facilitate a smooth transition, (if our patience is rewarded this time around), we could coin a catch-all brand: "SANDMONDS". Get the URL registered now!

Mr. Editor: you sure you ain't pick up de wrong end of de stick?

I know we have people in Barbados that
can get that hotel going.
I don't trust Stuart as far as I can see him.
Always remember Paradise hotel. Now he would
like to tie this one up also. I agree that it can be back in operation and bring in some money for the country. MR. Weatherhead I know you are going to do a good job. May God be with you and your team"


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