Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jetty Saved In Speightstown's Twin-City

Jetty Saved In Speightstown's Twin-City - Charleston, SC. Is anyone paying attention in Barbados? Click here for more -

From Wikipedia:
"Speightstown has been twinned with:
England - Reading, Berkshire, England (since 2003)
United States - Charleston, South Carolina (since November 1997), the original parts of which were based on the plans of Barbados's capital city Bridgetown. Many dispossessed indigo, tobacco and cotton planters departed from Speightstown along with their slaves and helped found Charleston after there was a wholesale move to adopt sugar cane cultivation in Barbados; a land and labour intensive enterprise which helped usher in the era of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in the British West Indies."

Click here - - to sign the petition for the restoration of the Speightstown Jetty.

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