Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beaches Heywoods Being Pushed Back

Have the ghosts of Paradise Beach Club already landed in Haywoods?  Are we now seeing emerging one of the reasons why Sandals' Butch Stewart recently out of the blue bought Almond Beach Village outright off the hands of the government of Barbados at bargain basement?  It is suspected that the other reason had to do with the nascent calls from the operators of the section of ABV that's open for the entire St. Peter property to be turned over them for a quick and cheap re-opening.  Now that Butch got his way, any deviation from announced plans the question must be asked whether he is beginning to put ABV on the ice as much he did to PBC a generation ago:  

"The much talked about construction of the Beaches Resort at the former Almond Village property in St Peter could be delayed.
Although not saying how long the setback was anticipated to be, Gordon Butch Stewart, chairman of the parent company Sandals Resort International, said it was unlikely that the planned multi-million-dollar project would get off the ground in the first quarter of next year as initially announced.
In February, Stewart told Barbados TODAY that the plan was to start construction in the middle of April 2015, with an expectation that it would be completed in about 22 months.
However, when asked last Friday if the plans were still on course, Butch would only say: “We are working towards that [date, but] it is probably a bit further down in the year . . . We are juggling a lot of things right now and there is a lot of work taking place on that Beaches design.”"

Source: http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2014/08/19/work-on-beaches-resort-could-be-delayed


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