Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hotel hope

"The controversial Four Seasons project could have a new saviour, with a multi-millionaire investor here saying he was willing to take over the stalled project.

Eager to see something done with the 32-acre Clearwater Bay, Black Rock, St Michael site, a frustrated Andrew Stewart, who has investments in a number of hotels and restaurants here, said he was willing to seriously look at taking over the development, but it would have to come with “the right terms”.

“Yes, if it came on the right terms it is something that I and my investors would look at with interest,” said Stewart, the chairman of the stockbroking and investment management firm Ravenscroft Limited.

Recalling that many of his friends had invested in the project to construct a 110-room hotel and 35 private villas, Stewart told Barbados TODAY it was disheartening that the project had ground to a halt.

“Every time I go pass there, you know, there is no building work going on. Why don’t we actually do something with it? Some of the highest profile people in the world put their names down for it. Let’s try and get it organized; cut all the nonsense of whatever it is and build the bloody hotel there ...”

Read more: https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/01/16/hotel-hope

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