Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beach Club For The "Uber-Rich & Uber-Cool" Coming To Mullins Beach

After many months of only hinting at it, the inland golf and villas resort now taking shape on Black Bess Plantation is now confirming its intention to tear down the Turtle Nest beachfront villa bordering the Mullins Beach Bar on the south and to construct in its place a beach club for the “uber-rich and uber-cool” residents and guests it hopes to attract.  The confirmation comes by way of the recently redesigned website of the developer behind the project - Bacassa Developments (Barbados) Ltd.    According to that website (excerpt pictured above) “Banyan Plantation,” as the Black Bess resort is now being called, will build a “dedicated [re: PRIVATE] beach club” consisting of a bar, a restaurant and a seaside pool with changing facilities at the premium beachfront location on the Platinum Coast. 

This development comes to light just as the Mullins Bay Blog revealed last week that two other beachfront properties bordering Turtle Nest are also to be demolished to make way for yet a third beach club associated with an upmarket inland resort.  Most interested people know by now about all of the concerns that have been raised both in the mainstream media and the blogsphere since Royal Westmoreland took over the beach bar at Mullins last year.  Now with two more private beach clubs going up back-to-back in the area those concerns are now compounded.  The Apes Hill Club has already secured beachfront property for its beach club less than a mile to the north, so the trend is clear - if you are not in the condo or beach clubbing business on the upper west coast, move before you are pushed.

Now it looks like not only locals to Mullins, Gibbes, Bayfield and Road View cannot live on the beach anymore, but even those who pushed their ancestors off the beach at Gibbes two generations ago to make way for the Clearwaters, Four Winds', High Trees', etc., beachfront villas of this world, they too are now in the gunsights of the latest breed of greed sweeping the area.


  1. In all fairness Bacassa never said that the beach club was only for the uber rich and the uber cool. Those words do appear on their website as a quotation from a newspaper describing Barbados. People are moved around all the time all over the world. It is called change. Get used to it.

  2. The builders of this plantation obviously agree with what the daily mail has said or they would not have used it in their promotional material.

    While it does say "private Beach Front facilities" and words such as that, it DOES NOT say private Beach.. Just remember.. the Beaches in Barbados are not private.. even if you do put a chair there it doesn't make it private.

  3. As a north boy Mullins beach has always been one of my favourite beaches.

    It was only a matter of time before it got to this over-crowed stage.

    I guess its all part of the development.


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