Monday, March 2, 2009

Michael Winner Reviews The Lone Star

"Barbados restaurants are patchy. Worst is the Cliff - snooty, arrogant staff, most tables with a lousy view. My New York steak, medium rare, was four slices of burnt meat.Daphne’sis no credit to Richard Caring, who owns the real one. The Fishpot is good, Fisher Pond Great House triple historic.

The restaurant I visit most is the Lone Star, owned by Christian Roberts. In 1967 he starred in To Sir, with Love, opposite Sidney Poitier and Lulu. He was best known as the lead in his own production of the stage musical Return to the Forbidden Planet."

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In other news along the west coast, while we await the restart of construction work at the Four Seasons this week it was observed last week that work seems to have restarted also at St. Peter's Bay Villas in Road View, St. Peter and it also appears that major foundation work is in progress on the Beachlands luxury condo project just north of Sandy Lane.


  1. Despite some bad food, Barbados is still a pretty place to vacation

  2. who cares about michael winner anyway, nobody listenes to him anyway.

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