Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Security Cameras Coming For West Coast

Security camera mounted on a utility pole at Rockley Beach on the South Coast

"There is a $1.6 million project in the pipeline, led by the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, which stakeholders are hoping will go a long way towards reducing crime in the vital tourism sector, and by extension the island.

The project, aimed for the West Coast and for which the BHTA is currently soliciting financing to get underway, is intended to place 26 cameras along the stretch from Batts Rock, St. Michael to Speightstown, St. Peter, the main western tourist belt, announced Executive Vice President of the BHTA, Sue Springer this morning.

Addressing stakeholders at the association’s first quarterly meeting at Accra Beach Hotel, Springer said the project would be comprise primarily of CCTVs, similar to what had been put into effect along the South Coast and into the City to help police those areas through use of electronic surveillance.

“We are working with the private sector and the TDC to see if we can raise the money; we need $1.6 million … to put up 26 CCTV cameras from Batts Rock into Speightstown. So if you know anyone who would like to be a good citizen or visitor, tell them how helpful they have been on the South Coast..."

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