Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holetown Waterfront Improvement Project

"... work on the Holetown Waterfront Improvement Project is progressing smoothly.

The project began this year following the completion of another Coastal Risk Assessment Management Programme at Heron Bay, which began last October to run for six weeks.

That section of the programme focussed on coastal enhancement, while addressing sea level rise, coastal erosion, climate change, as well as addressing storm surge and winter swells. It saw the construction of a series of groynes and elements of offshore work being done there.

Now, the Coastal Zone Management Unit has focused its attention on Holetown to stabilise the shoreline and creating a hazard resilient area that will involve the construction of a boardwalk as well as other offshore and shoreline features.

A source said the work there was on schedule and going great, and there was evidence today of workmen removing boulders from the much eroded Holetown beach where once existed one of the most attractive beaches on the west coast.

Once the project is completed, there should be an expanse of beach comparable to what would have existed in the 1980s, along with much needed and attractive improvements."

Source: Barbados Today

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