Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bye Bye Chefette Holetown

Word on the street is that Chefette Holetown has been sold and is soon to be torn down to make way from yet more beachfront condominiums. Apparently it was purchased by the same individual who bought the adjoining former Regent/Golden Palms resort which was sold at auction last year and is currently fenced off for redevelopment. There is a little anecdote which goes that when the new owner of the Regent/Golden Palms won the auction and thought he had a steal he was stunned after writing his check for US $42 million to learn that the auction he won was actually BDS $42 million. Perhaps it is with the savings from that transaction that he bought Chefette Holetown since word on the street is that he paid BDS $43 million for the restaurant and the beachfront land it sits on.

Many locals and tourists alike will miss the restaurant when it is finally gone primarily because of its location on the beach as one of the few remaining accessible “windows to the sea” on the west coast. It is one of the only places where you could pickup an affordable meal and enjoy it while taking in an unobstructed ocean view at the same time. But, business is business, and it is clear the restaurant was not doing as well as it could even for such a prime beachfront location. They pulled the Barbeque Barn a few years ago and for the last year and a half or so the only lines this blogger noticed in the restaurant were those created by the slow help or when there was a shift change. The Haloutes must have concluded that they could probably build another restaurant somewhere else in or around Holetown and still pocket a fortune on the sale of the current location.

At the moment all of this is just rumor, but as one nervous staff member put it, when they pulled the Barbeque Barn out of Chefette Holetown that too was first just rumor for a while also.


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