Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Albans Primary School To Lose Window To The Sea

As was the suspicion earlier this month upon witnessing the clearing of a large track of land in Weston, St. James opposite the St. Albans Primary School this blog can now confirm that condos are in fact on the cards for this location. New signage has just gone up indicating that 2 & 3 bedroom beach apartments are being offered and construction is to start towards the middle of the year. Three houses were moved to make way for this project and it is rumored that offers were also made to the owners of the two homes to the north of the property but they are still holding out. Opposition is also coming from an unlikely source - the kids of St. Albans. Picking up a friend’s kid this afternoon after school who attends that school the 10-yr. old was heard complaining that the condos will block their view of the ocean. Several weeks ago this same kid was excitedly telling this blogger about how they saw whales swimming off the west coast from the school's compound. Well, it looks like their little ‘window to the sea’ is about to be closed. Who's next?

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