Monday, April 14, 2008

Will The East Coast Go The Way Of The West Coast

In an interesting article yesterday the Nation newspaper examined concerns surrounding issues of development along the east and southeast coasts of Barbados. The focus of the article was the familiar west coast concerns about beach access and the preservation of "windows to the sea." One of the persons interviewed for the article asked - "why can't Government decide to buy a strip of land along the coast and just leave it for the people of Barbados?" This is the same question raised on another west coast blog recently concerning the property at Kings Beach in Road View, St. Peter which Government has placed on the auction block for recovery of half a million dollars in back taxes.

The article continued: "Nature lover and businessman Andy Armstrong, who resides on the West Coast, recalled that in the 1970s one politician claimed a virtual "shut-out" of the West Coast would be unlikely, but history had told an entirely different tale.

"It's too late to do anything on the West Coast, but let's not wait until it's too late for the rest of Barbados," said Armstrong, noting that the last administration had specified St Philip and St Lucy for major future development."

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