Friday, June 13, 2008

Good-Bye Barbados - Hello Havana

After the Prime Minister’s promising the nation only a few short weeks ago that entire east coast from the north in St. Lucy to the south in St. Philip would be reserved as a national park a senior government appointee has come out in favor of the complete opposite. According to the Ralph Taylor, chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority, is now suggesting that “Barbados "earmark what is left of its existing coastline" for tourism development."” He even said that Barbados should borrow a page out of the (surprise surprise) Cuban tourism manual where the communist dictatorship “has "earmarked every square foot of its coastline for tourism development and has clearly recognised that tourism is its best economic resource."" It is unbelievable that someone in Taylor’s position would be spearheading a move like this which is diametrically opposite to the views of most locals and visitors alike. We have already seen government go back on its pledges on the Greenland landfill, now it is good-bye Barbados – hello Havana! Is Taylor and Thompson singing from the same hymnal? He must be taken seriously not only because he heads the tourism authority but also as head of Almond Resorts which is the most successful local hotel operator. As what is left of the west and south coasts disappear under concrete it appears that some people cannot get enough of it. This is very, very sad news indeed. When are we going to wakeup and realize that we are selling our birthright for the proverbial mess of pottage?

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