Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coconut Wildies

The west coast still has its fair share of bird life even with the steady loss of tree cover on the shoreline and elsewhere to make way for vacation condos and villas. You can still spot the busy hummingbird and the occasional gaulin out fishing on a mossy reef. Then there are the ubiquitous sparrows (some might say finches) and blackbirds that have grown so bold that sometimes it has become quite a task keeping them out of homes and hotel restaurants. Making a comeback from near extinction is one of the larger birds seen on the west coast, the Ramier Pigeon, which Bajans call 'wildies.' The pair in the photo above [click photo to enlarge] built their nest in the coconut tree they are sitting on but lost two of their young which tumbled to the ground in high winds from the nest they weren't quite ready to leave. It is interesting to watch the antics of this species but you don't want to be under it when nature calls, or as some suspect, when it commands nature.

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