Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to the Sun, Sea and ... Rocks?

"The photo [above] (also taken yesterday) tells the tale. We were all impacted by Hurricane Ike but this damage was going on before and getting worse ever since those ugly groins went up. It is now impossible to walk from Mullins Beach proper to what’s left in front of Jentillia and The Great House at high tide. I have seen visitors coming from the direction of Sandridge and trying to get to Mullins turn around and go back in front of Jentillia. Last month I heard the owners of Leamingtion who usually walk the beach everyday twice a day when they are in town asking “where did the beach go?” Soon we will all be asking that same question..."
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  2. Can you not see that you are damaging the tourism potential of the whole island by writing this crap on the Internet?

  3. As a tourist - who wants to visit a pile of rocks? The only way to fix the problem is to draw attention to it. The real damage is caused by people NOT writing about it on the internet.

  4. I cannot be doing as much damage as the greedy luxury condo developers who are destroying our beaches with the blessing and active connivance of the government.


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