Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almond Intrigue

"Chief executive officer of Almond Resorts Inc., Ralph Taylor, is leading an initiative to stop the financially troubled hotel chain from going under.

Yesterday he met with staff of Almond Beach Village in St Peter and Almond Beach Club in St James to discuss a “buyout proposal” that would require staff and management to give up ten per cent of their salaries as an investment.

Taylor, who met with managers and supervisors on Monday, also plans to meet next week with staff at the third property, Almond Casuarina Beach in Christ Church.

A document distributed to staff asking them to indicate their interest in “participating in any employee buyout of Almond Resorts Inc.”, was reportedly met with mixed response."



  1. In the current economic climate, it would take a brave person to consider a buyout of a chain that has been run down to the extent of these properties but I guess it would provide work even if only for the short term.

  2. Update:

    Tears and Fears over ABV's Demise - Barbados Today

  3. Great initiative

    This shows not only the helping nature of people of Barbados

    Hope all your wishes come true


  4. Any update what's happening with the Almond Beach Village?


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