Saturday, April 5, 2008

Should West Coast Beaches Be Widened

Owing to the recent storm many west coast beaches were adversely impacted and narrowed as a result. This has made an already bad situation worse by way of forcing beachfront property owners to put in place measures to prevent further property loss such as laying boulders on the beach and building sea walls. Some popular beaches are also finding it very difficult to accommodate all their patrons on the narrow strips of sand especially on days when cruise liners are in port. This blog is currently running a poll to determine what percentage of its visitors are or are not supportive of the artificial widening of west coast beaches. Scroll to the bottom of the page to take the poll.


  1. No. Do NOT even attempt to widen the West coast beaches, because we are almost certain to get it wrong with devastating consequences. We have to strictly enforce the law which prevents building any structure within so many metres of the high water mark. We are overworking the beaches. The beaches do NOT have infinite capacity. Growing up in St. James in the 1950's I was taught that the sea is alive. We are treating the sea and the beaches now as though they are prime city real estate to be traded for the highest dollar (or pound or whatever). Our beaches are NOT concrete and steel cityscapes. They are alive, therefore they can DIE, and if we kill them we will be sorry.

  2. Its crazy when i read posted comments by bajans complaining about losing their country to foreingners, if its not about the high cost of land, its about the height of condos, now the issue of whether or not to widen the west coast beaches is to me,a no-brainer.If their widening makes both ecological and economic sense since barbados depends on tourism, then without delay the approriate body should swing into action.Afterall the maldives seems to be doing well even whilst most of the popular beaches there are artificial creations.


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