Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sir Charles Giveth...

Sir Charles Williams, the mover and shaker behind Apes Hill who recently stirred up a hornets nest with his remarks calling for the shutting down of the cement plant at Checker Hall, is in the news again but this time in a more charitable frame - donating a parcel of land in Redmans Village, St. Thomas to the University of the West Indies. It does not sound like either the university or Sir Charles knows what to do with the land other than that he wants the “Mandela” name associated with it in perpetuity. Although a lot of Christians in Barbados will have trouble with his apparent comparing Mandela with Jesus Christ, I am sure the vast majority of all Barbadians appreciate the gift all the same.

Of course, it cannot hurt too that the land is in the same neck of the woods as the plot where Sir Charles wants permission to build the largest mall in the English-speaking Caribbean next door to his Millennium Heights high end residential development, and down the hill and up the road from all those luxury villas and whatnot he is building at Apes Hill. After all, those people have to shop too like everyone else, right? Even Rihanna shopped when she came to Barbados around Christmas last year and she now owns a spread at Apes Hill, thanks again to Sir Charles and the Government of Barbados. Perhaps when she gets tired under her umbrella-ella-ella at Apes Hill she can shop till she drops at Welches, St. Thomas. But, of course, any connection with Redmans Village, St. Thomas would just be tangential, right?

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