Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yet Another West Coast Hotel Lost To Condo Conversion

Word on the street is that Escape Hotel in Prospect, St. James is about to close it’s doors and the property converted into luxury condominiums for the very wealthy. It is not yet known whether Escape is doing the condo conversion itself or whether the property has been sold to be razed to the ground and started over. In any case, staff is very jittery and have already begun dusting off resumes and testing the employment waters - a difficult task in Barbados even without the looming recession. Many are in a wait-and-see mode hoping to collect a tidy severance package before jumping ship.

This follows on the heals of the announcement a few weeks ago that Chefette Restaurant in Holetown has been sold and the likelihood that condominiums being built at that location. It is particularly sad to see yet another moderately priced west coast beachfront hotel lost to condo conversion with Sandridge Hotel also closing early next year and Kings Beach on the auction block.

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  1. I still don't see why there's not a huge revolt among Bajans against this condo-conversion pattern. it's bad in the long run for service jobs I think...

    And when a recession kicks in and air travel rises, who is going to buy the condos??


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