Monday, June 2, 2008

Superyacht For Sale: US$178 Million Anyone?

Maltese Falcon moored off Port St. Charles Marina April 2007
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Maltese Falcon moored off Port St. Charles Marina from Dover Fort/Colridge & Parry Secondary School on the terrace above Heywoods, St. Peter.
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If you own or stayed at beachfront property on the west coast for any length of time in recent years you have probably been awed by the number and size of the mega and/or super yachts which parade up and down the coast on what seems like a daily basis; at least, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you have become something of a yacht-spotter. So when last night one of the superyachts that I previously photographed off the west coast made it into the national news in the USA I had to sit up and pay attention. CBS rebroadcast a segment of its investigative news show, “60 Minutes,” that was first aired back in November of last year which dealt with the luxury clipper superyacht pictured above, “Maltese Falcon,” and its billionaire venture capitalist owner, Tom Perkins.

Apparently, less than two years after its maiden voyage, the Maltese Falcon is now up for sale. I took the above photos of the Maltese Falcon on April 10 last year (2007) when it was moored at one of the two offshore anchoring mooring buoys at the Port St. Charles Marina. The six superyacht berths at Port St. Charles can only accommodate boats up to 250 feet - 39 feet too short for the Maltese Falcon which holds the distinction of being “the largest privately-owned sailing yacht in the world.” It was quite a spectacle off the west coast with its three 20-storey masts easily much taller than any building in Barbados. With Mr. Perkins and others already busily working on their next big boats and Barbados contemplating more marinas the West Coast could be well on its way to becoming the next St. Tropez or Portofino.

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  1. See the last May 60 Minutes broadcast here -

  2. The 289-ft. Maltese Falcon, the world's largest, best designed, and most expensive sailing superyacht, has reportedly been sold for $100 million just a week after we reported the price had been slashed by $40 million. The incredible craft, which had at one point been listed as high as $165 million, was built by Perini Navi for venture capitalist Tom Perkins. The London Times reports Perkins has now found a buyer. "It has taken a while," he conceded to the paper, noting his profit margin had shrunk somewhat. "It is not the best time in the world to sell it. I can't tell you anything at all about the buyer. There is confidentiality." With its three 20-story carbon fiber masts fully rigged the yacht can cross the Atlantic in 10 days.



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